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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 79 English

Unable to get the support of the Armenian gangs as a result of Abdulhamid’s moves, Sabahattin comes to Payitaht to put his new plan into action. Meanwhile, Abdülhamid invited an important guest to the palace. With the help of Sabahattin Vembery, he will attract Abdulhamid’s guest to his side. The real identity and intention of the guest is completely different. He is in a scheme that will try to kill Abdulhamid.

While Halil Halid tries to protect Payitaht from Joris’ tyranny, his men fall into Joris’s trap. Halil Halid will not spare his eyes to save them. Finally, he will finally come face to face with Joris.

He makes a news about Akif Abdulhamid. However, Robina interferes with the writing and puts Akif in a difficult situation. While Bidar accuses Naime of meeting with someone who is hostile to her father, Naime will have to end this relationship. On the other hand, Bidar has doubts about what is happening on the Seniha and Şivenaz front.

Will Bidar realize that Şivenaz is threatening Seniha? Who will be the loser in the big match of Halil Halid and Jorris? What will Abdulhamid do when he comes face to face with his assassin?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 79 English
Jan. 25, 2019