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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 90 English

The document stolen from the secret chamber gave hope to his enemies who wanted to dethrone Abdulhamid. While Abdulhamid is trying to find the spy in the palace and reveal the traitors, Zalman sneaks around Abdulhamid with his men like a poisonous spider.
The maps that Zülüflü İsmail took out of Seraskership with his love for the throne put the Ottomans in a great diplomatic crisis. The ambassadors, who see the war plans of the Ottoman Empire, take their breath in front of Abdulhamid.

Halil Halid and his men go to Thessaloniki to buy the weapons that will come to the fair with the order of Abdulhamid. Jorris is there too. While Jorris Imro kidnaps the leader of his organization in the dungeon, Halil brings the gangs in front of Halid. Halil Halid and his men are ambushed in the armory.

Seniha’s departure and the strong winds that Cemile Sultan blew in the harem cause a deep separation between Bidar and Cemile. Meanwhile, a bad incident in Darül Hayr-i Ali, which is under Bidar’s responsibility, causes Cemile to corner Bidar.

Will Bidar be able to overcome this difficult situation?

Will Halil Halid and his men survive the treacherous ambush?

While foreign ambassadors corner Abdulhamid with their demands, what will Abdulhamid do in this crisis situation?

Payitaht Abdulhamid will be on TRT 1 on Friday, September 27 with its 90th episode!

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 90 English
Sep. 27, 2019