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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 95 English

Abdulhamid knows that the most powerful weapon that changes the course of wars and the maps of countries is communication and intelligence. For this reason, he gives Halil Halid and his men the task of buying the newly invented radio that everyone is after. The mystery of whether Selim Pasha is alive or not, this time confronts Ahmet Pasha, tying his hands and feet.

Bidar hugged Nureddin on his deathbed and did not care about the possibility of getting the plague. As the situation worsens for those in isolation, Esther hatches a plan with Vladmir. He will burn the patients with the plague in isolation and tell their families that Abdulhamid chose the way to cure the disease like this, he had your children burned. It really starts the fire… While the flames are all around, a bad surprise awaits Bidar Sultan. Cemile Sultan, on the other hand, gets the shock of her life with a compass.

Abdülhamid Zülüflü is waiting for information about the arms fair from İsmail Pasha. Zalman is still not sure that Zülüflü is on their side. He throws Zülüflü into the fire. Halil Halid and his men finally save Payitaht from the tyranny of Joris and his men. Halil Halid does something unexpected that will leave everyone in shock.
What decision will Abdulhamid make about Halid Halid and Zülüflü?

Payitaht Abdulhamid will be on TRT 1 with its 95th episode on Friday, November 8th!

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 95 English
Nov. 08, 2019