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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 97 English

While forgiving Zülüflü İsmail, with whom he collaborated, Abdülhamid finds a solution that will both make it seem reasonable to the enemy and destroy the arms embargo of the merchants. But there is a problem he cannot solve. The gang that kills the Christians who are said to be in the state… Zalman’s ruthless plot on this subject puts Abdulhamid into a corner. Sabahattin and Karaso want to pull a woman out of the dusty pages of the past and confront her with Zülüflü. Thus, they will be able to add Zülüflü to their ranks. Abdulhamid also has questions in order to get rid of the game he fell into with the same woman. Zülüflü, Zalman and Abdülhamid go to the same address. What they see will shock all three of them.

Halil Khalid gained the trust of King Ferdinand. Naib makes a treacherous plot. The gangsters, who will kill the Turkish soldiers and take their clothes, will attack the villages and kill the civilians, just like the Turkish soldiers. Halil Halid must learn the plot, inform the Tatar and his men, and at the same time not be caught by the Naip, whose eyes are always on him.
While Blavatsky strengthens his friendship with Bidar, his goal is to acquire Çemberlitaş Mansion and dig a tunnel from there to reach the Ark of the Covenant. Gülcemal’s marriage to Mehmet will enable them to buy this mansion, which is the property of Cemile Sultan. Mehmet is very surprised when he learns that the blood smeared on Gülcemal on the night of the fire was goat’s blood and that it was related to paganic ceremonies. Cemile, on the other hand, experiences a few more events that her husband will be sure of. His strange and mysterious ways will arouse suspicion in Bidar and Naime.

Will Bidar realize the true face of Balavatsky?

Will Halil Halid sacrifice his life for duty?

What kind of threat does Abdulhamid face?

All and more in the 97th episode of Payitaht Abdulhamid…

Payitaht Abdulhamid: Episode 97 English Subtitles – OsmanOnline

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 97 English
Nov. 22, 2019