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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 102 English

Bahadr Bey was tasked with the development of a catapult in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 102 English on Osman Online that Ertugrul had ordered to be constructed in preparation for the conquest of Karacahisar Castle.

Who instructed Sancar and his alps to attack Avdar Obas and seize the tent, established a deal with Titan to ensure that Ertugrul would fail.

Allowing Bahadr Bey’s alps to more easily take control of the camp. Bahadr Bey was the one who created the catapults.

Titan and his troops carrid out an assault on the catapult, during which they destroyed all of the catapults, as well as the alps, including Samsa.

Bahadr managed to escape the upheaval and make his way to avdar Obas, where he was given the position of principality.

When Ertugrul finally arrived at the location of the catapult, he was confronted with a horrifying scene.

Will Ertugrul’s strategy for conquest change now that the catapults have been destroyed? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 102 English on Osman Online.

How is he going to figure out that Bahadr Bey is the one who set this trap?

What course of action would he take against Bahadr Bey, who was responsible for Rye Obas’s capture after a deadly raid?

What kind of impact will this have on the push toward conquest?

In Resurrection Ertugrul 102 Osman Online

What will Bahadr Bey’s ace in the hole be, seeing as how he sabotaged Ertugrul’s catapult operation, captured Avdar Obas in a deadly raid, and declared himself principality?

Will he be successful in persuading Ertugrul to accept his position as principal? Will his treachery be brought to light?

What course of action would Turgut and Aslhan take in response to this occurrence?

What course of action would Ares adopt once the catapults have been destroyed and Bahadr Bey has taken control of the Rye Oba?

Will he be able to launch an assault even while the Turkish Alps are guarding the entrances of the castle? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 102 English on Osman Online.

While Ertugrul is preoccupied with Bahadr Bey and the catapult, how does he plan to attack Ertugrul so that he can take advantage of the situation?

After the catapults in Kay Obas have been torched and the martyrs have arrived, what do you think the situation will be like there?

What will become of Atsz, who was rendered unconscious by two sentry troops in the castle’s hidden corridor and then carried to Ares?

Will Ares discover the truth about him being a spy?

What are the Turkish tribes that have been guarding the entrances to the castle and the roads that lead up to it going to do after the events that have transpired?

Will there be a delay in the conquest? Or will it take the initiative and attack?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 102 English
Jan. 17, 2018