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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 103 English

When Erturul looked in the catapult and didn’t discover Bahadr Bey’s body in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 103 English on Osman Online, he realised that Bahadr Bey had gotten away, and he dispatched Turgut to Avdar Obas to help raise him to his feet.

Aslhan and Turgut had been taken captive by Bahadr Bey, who had previously conquered avdar Obas and established himself as a principality.

When Erturul found out what Ares and Bahadr Bey had been up to, he was on his way to avdar Obas when he ran into Atsz and received a letter from him showing that they had worked together.

Finally, Erturul, who travelled to avdar Obas, removed Bahadr Bey, Sancar, and the gentlemen who were on their side after all of his misdeeds, and Aslhan killed Karaca, resulting in the destruction of the traitors and the establishment of peace between avdar Obas and the Turkish tribes.

Once Bahadr has been eliminated, Erturul will need to devise a strategy to take Karacahisar Castle. in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 103 English on Osman Online

What kind of strategy will he use? Will he be able to utilise the hidden entrance to gain access to the castle?

In what ways will he come up against opposition inside the castle? Is it possible to take control of the castle?

What course of action will Ares do after realising that his plot has been unsuccessful as he waits for Titan to ensnare Erturul and slay him? What precautions does he plan to take within the castle? If Erturul makes it inside the castle, what plans does he have? Will he be forced to give up the castle? Or will he be able to win against Erturul?

Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 103 English on Osman Online


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 103 English
Jan. 24, 2018