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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 108 English

Following the revelations made by Ares in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 108 English Osman Online, the Sultan placed Emir Saadettin in custody and said that he would come to a conclusion on his participation in the expedition before leaving for it.

Before departing on the journey, the Sultan made his decision public, which was that he would launch an investigation into the allegations of wrongdoing levelled against Emir Saadettin and remove him from his position.

Ertugrul felt that this choice did not meet his needs in any way. Despite everything, Ertugrul maintained his promise and freed Ares, and Emir Saadettin sent a man after him to murder Ares, who confessed everything. Ares’s confession was the only thing that saved Emir Saadettin’s life.

Ares was taken captive by Goktu and his troops, but Ertugrul was able to rescue him from their clutches in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 108 English Osman Online.

Ares converted to Islam as a result of what Ertugrul had done for him, which had a significant impact on his life.

What plans does Ertugrul have? Who among you believes that Emir Saadettin has not been subjected to the penalty that he justly merits?

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Will he be successful in stopping Emir Saadettin from carrying out his plans to harm the Sultan? How does he plan to defend himself against the courtiers, all of whom are vehemently opposed to him?

After Ertugrul murders Goktu and threatens Emir Saadettin, what actions will Emir Saadettin take? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 108 English Osman Online.

What kind of strategy is he going to devise to stop Ertugrul and take him out? Will it be possible for Emir Saadettin, who is equally enraged with the Sultan, to exact his vengeance on him?

Aslhan and Hafsa were rescued by Turgut and Bams from Titan, but Hafsa later passed out from her injuries.

What kind of future does Hafsa have? Will there be any risk to the baby that is currently developing inside of you? What specific measures would Bams and Turgut use to exact their vengeance on Titan?
What does the future hold for Ares, who practises Islam and will travel with Ertugrul from this point forward? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 108 English Osman Online.

How exactly do Mahperi Hatun and Altunaba intend to execute their plot to usurp the sultan’s authority and place Prince Gyaseddin atop the royal hierarchy? Will Ertugrul be successful in throwing a wrench into their plans?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 108 English
Feb. 28, 2018