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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 110 English

Günalp in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 110 English Osman Online, who had been given the position of head of the fortress by Emir Saadettin and Altunaba, was challenged by Turgut, Bams, and Artuk Bey.

On the grounds that they had collaborated with Ertugrul Bey, Günalp had each and every one of them locked up and sentenced to death in jail.

When his older brother, Sungurtekin, who had been invited to the camp by Ertugrul Bey, found out that his brother had been imprisoned for murdering Sultan Alaeddin, he decided to take action.

His brother had been arrested for the murder of Sultan Alaeddin in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 110 English Osman Online.

The troops under the command of Günalp arrested Sungurtekin as he attempted to sneak into the castle in order to rescue Turgut, Bams, and Artuk Bey.

They then threw him into the prison. Günalp gave the order for them to be put to death as well.

On the other side, Sultan Gyaseddin went crazy after discovering that his father, Sultan Alaeddin, had been murdered as a result of the plot hatched by Mahperi Hatun, Altunaba, and Dog.

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Gyaseddin, who had previously threatened to kill his mother Mahperi Hatun by putting a blade to her neck, said that he would have Ertugrul Bey beheaded in order to protect his dignity.

After some time had passed, Sultan Gyaseddin determined that Ertugrul Bey should be let free since he had discussed the case with Ibn Arabi, who had entered the supply chamber just as the Sultan was about to hand down a judgement on the case.

Ertugrul Bey, who had arrived at the castle at the time when Bams, Turgut, Artuk Bey, and Sungurtekin were to be killed, astonished everyone when he fired an arrow that broke the rope that was over his brother’s neck.

After Ertugrul Bey makes this move, what do you think will take place within the castle? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 110 English Osman Online.

What kind of a response can we expect from Günalp to Ertugrul Bey? Where does Saadettin Dog stand with regard to Ertugrul Bey in his most recent move?

When it comes to Mahperi Hatun, Dog, and Altunaba, what exactly does Sultan Gyaseddin have in mind? What kind of retaliation is the dog planning to make against Sultan Gyaseddin, who freed Ertugrul?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 110 English
Mar. 14, 2018