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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 145 English

Erturul, who was responsible for the deaths of Alancak in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 145 English on Osman Online and Dragos as a result of the trap he prepared, was able to save Bams’s son, Aybars.

They went back to the camp as if nothing had occurred after the deaths of Alancak, Albast, and Beybolat, who had been under the impression that his true identity would not be disclosed.

As soon as Branas, the commander of the Lefke castle, found out that Dragos had been captured, he began formulating a plan to free Dragos over Beybolat.

Erturul, on the other hand, was aware of everything in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 145 English on Osman Online.

He was aware that people within the castle would come to rescue Dragos, and he understood that if he were Albast, he would make a fresh move concerning Dragos in order to conceal his true identity.

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He had prepared himself for the situation appropriately. In the meanwhile, he began to have second thoughts over the identity of his brother’s Albast in regards to the wounded guy who was carried to the Umur tribe in Ilbilge.

Bams, who had disobeyed Erturul Bey’s instruction and was now experiencing a tremendous deal of sorrow, was watching all of this unfold.

Will Erturul Bey, who took Dragos to Macellum for death and disguised his alps as the people, be able to expose Albast’s true identity with the help of Dragos?

What will become to Branas and his troops now that they have returned from their mission to free Dragos from the Citadel? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 145 English on Osman Online.

Will Bamsi, who overhears a discussion on repentance from the imam of Sot and seeks forgiveness from Erturul Bey, be successful in accomplishing this objective?

After knowing the truth, what do you think Bilge Hatun’s elder brother, Beybolat Bey, would think?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 145 English
Apr. 17, 2019