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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 146 English

Ertugrul Bey was successful in capturing Alincak and Dragos in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 146 English on Osman Online, two individuals he had been tracking for some time.

He then brought the two individuals to Macellum, where he murdered Alincak and put Dragos to death.

Beybolat, who had intended to spare Dragos’ man, the leader Branas, from death, did not execute the plan in order to prevent his identity from being exposed at the very last minute and attacked Dragos’ troops with Ertugrul’s Alps instead.

As a result, everyone who knew that he was Albast would perish, which would clear Ertugrul Bey’s name and put an end to his suspicionss in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 146 English on Osman Online.

When Branas invaded, Ertugrul Bey murdered Dragos at Sot Square. Dragos had gotten rid of Ertugrul Bey and then attacked Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul Bey was prepared for this eventuality and killed him.

Bams stopped Dragos’ men as they pushed Gündüz and saved Gündüz, who was gravely hurt.

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He was consumed by the flame of regret and came to Sot to implore Ertugrul Bey for pardon. After receiving treatment in the Obada, Bams expressed regret and apologized to Ertugrul Bey for his actions.

Ilbilge, who has become more suspicious of her brother Beybolat, lends her support to Ertugrul Bey’s plan and assists him in ensnaring Beybolat.

What will happen to Beybolat if he admits that he is indeed Albast and falls into this trap? What kind of reaction do you think Ilbilge will have when he discovers who Albasti, his brother’s girlfriend, really is?

After many years had passed, Gündodu, who had remained in Aleppo and had not traveled to the Byzantine frontier with his brother Ertugrul, made his way to Soüts in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 146 English on Osman Online.

What will be different now that Gündodu is a part of the Kay group? What kinds of perils will his two brothers face as they make their way to the battlefield against the Mongols?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 146 English
Apr. 24, 2019