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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 25 English

Kayi and Kınık! In a single moment, Kaylar laid siege to the fortress in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 25 English Osman Online, which the Templars mistook for being surrounded by a flock of goat-smelling shepherds.

The Templars, who were the intellectual core of the crusaders and were responsible for slandering and persecuting people in the Islamic world, are now hemmed in by their own fortresses.

The passageway leading inside the castle that Deli Demir had sneakily opened with the designs that Isodora had brought with her was sealed up.

When Yiit, who had been kidnapped together with Cardinal Tomas and carried against his will to Konstantiniyye, is liberated by Gündodu and shown the second tunnel, this source of dissatisfaction is transformed into an immense source of delight in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 25 English Osman Online.

When Ertugrul hoisted the banner of the Kay, the fortress eventually fell. Titus, on the other hand, is able to flee the castle by taking advantage of the nighttime.

Now that he is on his own, the only thing on his mind is getting his vengeance.

In order to exact his vengeance on Ertugrul, he makes a solemn oath to execute every member of his family, including the women and the children. In the obada, Suleyman Shah and his sons are given a warm welcome by everyone present in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 25 English Osman Online.

The Kayis’ battle came to a conclusion with a significant amount of territory conquered and a victorious outcome.

At this point, there is nothing standing in the way of the marriage between Ertugrul and Halime.


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 25 English
Jun. 10, 2015