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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 63 English

When the wolf is ambushed, he thinks about revenge rather than escape in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 63 English Osman Online.

Ertugrul Bey, who performed his espionage duty for Sultan Alaeddin by penetrating the wolf’s hide, was injured in the operation to save the Sultan’s messenger and was about to be apprehended. How will Ertugrul Bey get himself and the sultan’s messenger out of this predicament?

Kaylar joined an unknown struggle with Ertugrul Bey, who is now an oba bey, his sword talent, and the endeavour to trade in Hanl Pazar.

Because Hanl Pazar was nothing more than a filthy marsh that served as the cradle of trade and also housed the most experienced artisans like Ural and Simon. What steps will Ertugrul Bey need to take to live in this strange environment?

There’s a game within a game!

Candar Bey, the chief of avdarolu Obas, is in shock following the death of Toktamş, his right-hand man and dearest friend in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 63 English Osman Online.

In the invasion launched by Toktamş, his son Ural, against whom he took a front due to the unusual trade he made in the market, acted as a bulwark for Candar Bey.

What will he do in response to Candar Bey’s son Ural’s move? What fresh actions will Ural Bey take to carry on the game he founded?

enemies from other countries…

The Templars, Ertugrul’s old rivals, controlled the Hanl Pazar and all commercial activity in this new land in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 63 English Osman Online.

This network, led by innkeeper Simon, carries out business transactions and sustains the regional economy; on the other hand, he was attempting to leave Anatolia defenceless against the upcoming Crusade.

Will Simon, who kidnapped the Sultan’s messenger, discover that Ertugrul, who came to save him, was the Sultan’s spy as a result of this activity?

Kay: A boiling kettle encircled on all four sides by flames,

Ertugrul Bey’s refusal to give in to the gentleman’s request for a toy elicited a stir even within his own tent in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 63 English Osman Online.

What are the decisions that must be made if there are frequent demands? While the positive news of Haçaturyan, who saved his life and allowed him to come to his camp, will offer Ertugrul Bey optimism, what development will exacerbate the fire in Kay Obas?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 63 English
Oct. 31, 2016