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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 99 English

Ertugrul was unable to participate in the assault in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 99 English Osman Online on the castle since Aslhan and Turgut had been poisoned, so he went in search of the herb that was responsible for producing the poison.

Using the information provided by Ares, he travelled to the cave of the herbalist who was responsible for making the poison and retrieved the antidote that Artuk Bey had produced there, therefore rescuing Turgut and Aslhan.

In addition, Artuk Bey discovered the herb that was used to make the poison that was administered to Sultan Alaeddin in the cave where the herb was kept, and he informed Ertugrul of his discovery.

Bahadr Bey was spared the death penalty as a result of this, and Ertugrul was able to deduce that Emir Saadeddin was the one who carried out this task in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 99 English on Osman Online.

After the assault on the castle had to be delayed, what fresh plans does Ertugrul have in store for us?

Will Emir take another step toward Saadeddin in the future? After Ares’ assistance, how will he behave with her? Will there be an assault on the castle?

How will Bahadr Bey, who was found not guilty of poisoning, respond to Ertugrul now that he has been exonerated?

Will he attempt to exact retribution for this matter? What steps will follow once this one have been completed in Avdar Obas?

What will happen in Resurrection Ertugrul 99 Osman Online

Emir Saadeddin endured a lot of pain and suffering after being reprimanded by Sultan Alaeddin and finding out that Turgut and Aslhan were rescued.

What type of a strategy does Emir Saadeddin want to put into action in response to the most recent events? Who wants to spend three months trying to find those who sprung traps for Ertugrul from the Sultan and regaining their place in the public eye?


After Ares saw that Turgut and Aslhan had been saved, he asked, “What will you want from Ertugrul?” Ares had previously stated that Ertugrul owed him money and that he would eventually ruin him.

When will Ares go on to the next stage of his plan to eliminate Ertugrul? in Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 99 English on Osman Online.

Will Titan sneak into Kay Obas posing as a merchant in order to kidnap Gündüz, the son of Ertugrul, and will he be able to get near to Gündüz and do what he set out to do?


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Resurrection Ertugrul Episode 99 English
Dec. 20, 2017