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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English

Turna, aware that Sencer is keeping a significant secret from her in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English Osman Online, gave in to her insatiable curiosity and made the decision to investigate this mystery.

Turna, who had been present at the clandestine encounter between Başulu Hatun and Tapar, was put in a precarious position when she realised that Sencer’s secret also pertained to Tapar.

Turna, on the other hand, was not the only one who was keeping an eye on Başulu Hatun and Tapar.

In light of the information that he had obtained from Tacülmülk, Sabbah followed Tapar and saw with his own eyes that Başulu Hatun had not passed away in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English Osman Online.
Tapar had to go through years of her childhood without a mother, so when she found out that Başulu Hatun was really her mother, she was unable to contain her wrath.
The most agonising experiences of her life occurred when Başulu Hatun was forced to confront Tapar’s severe response.
Zübeyde had every intention of complaining about Gevher and Terken to Melikşah after catching them when they were uncovering Başulu’s tomb; but, as a consequence of the news that she heard from Nizamülmülk, she decided against going through with her plan to do so.
Gevher and Terken were suspicious as a result of Zübeyde’s inaction for whatever reason in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English Osman Online.
It was an intriguing question to ponder whether or not Tapar, the person who had discovered the massive secret, would reveal it to Melikşah.
The Byzantines planned an ambush for the Turkmen leaders because Sencer, who was interested in the Tapar problem, was running late for a secret meeting with the Turkmen chiefs.
Sencer talked about the impossibility of finding the secret meeting places of the Byzantines and claimed that there was a traitor among them, and that traitor was none other than Tekiş. While the Turkmen lords blamed Sencer for this incident, Sencer talked about the impossibility of finding the secret meeting places of the Byzantines.
Sabbah formulated an antidote in order to restore Izakios to full health and vitality.
Izakios’s condition began to improve, which gave the Byzantines reason for optimism; nevertheless, with the appearance of Mitras, who was intent on exacting revenge for his brother Markus, Izakios’s reign came to an abrupt end. The assertion made by the troops that the antidote that Sabbah provided did not work was not enough to persuade Sabbah that Izakios’s death was suspicious.
Sencer formulated a new strategy about Livya and focused his eyes on defeating the Byzantines while Mitras’s next plan was to win Livya over to his side.

During this time, Mitras’s objective was to lure Livya back to his side in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English Osman Online.
Tomas, who had arrived at the meeting spot prepared and had a suspicion that Sencer was attempting to lure the Byzantines into a trap using Livya, made an offer to Sencer in which he would trade Livya for the information that Sencer desired.

It was unknown if Sencer would choose Livya or the future of his state as his priority at this time.
Melikşah, who was upset by the Turkmen lords’ rejection of the edict and realised that Tekiş was trying to provoke them, displayed his displeasure against Tekiş.

Melikşah was aware that Tekiş was the one who was doing the provocation. The fact that Melikşah was drawing his sword against Tekiş while at the same time the arrows were hitting their mark served as a warning indication that the conflict between the two brothers would get more intense in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English Osman Online.


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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 English
Mar. 08, 2021