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Victorious Mehmets Episode 23 English

Colonel Halil in Victorious Mehmets Episode 23 English on Osman Online, who was responsible for Salman’s triumph in Pakistan and imprisoning the British in the city of Kut, will not allow the exhausted Turkish soldiers to be powerless against their enemies.

It is essential for the Turkish forces to have the caravan come from Basra because it will both shake up the British and provide them with strength.

Skopje, also known as Neccar Skopje, is cornered after entering the city of Kut with the assistance of Fatma.

In the residence of Neccar… Even Hamilton has a sneaking suspicion that Neccar is hiding a dark secret in his home.

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Skopje is going to have to find a way out of this rut.

Mevlüt, Said, and the others: he formulates his strategies for evacuating Skopje in order to

Mehmet’s First Big Mission

Now, Hamilton puts Mehmet’s strategy into effect, which Mehmet has knitted together step by step in Victorious Mehmets Episode 23 English on Osman Online.

After completing his first significant mission, will Mehmet have the ability to sneak into the Ottoman barracks? Zeynep’s passion for Mehmet has never faded, and she continues to pursue him at every available moment in the hope of rescuing him from the British.

Alisa, who has been friends with Mehmet for a very long time, steps in front of Zeynep just as she is about to approach him on the street. This prevents Zeynep from reaching Mehmet.


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Victorious Mehmets Episode 23 English
Nov. 13, 2018