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Hacı Bayram Veli Episode 8 English Subtitle

After being tried for his crimes, Mullah Numan was found guilty and sentenced to exile in Hacı Bayram Veli Episode 8 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Molla Rüstem and Sheikh Murat are said to have let out a sigh of relief; nevertheless, they subsequently discovered that Numan’s vehicle, which had been driven into exile, had been turned over by the river.

Numan had been driving into exile at the time of this discovery.

After this, Cadi continued the investigation she had begun earlier and looked into all she could uncover.

Abdal Murat is the one who brings Molla Numan to the bakery owned by Somuncu Baba.

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After dropping off Molla Numan, Abdal Murat gets on the train with him. Ayşe sees Numan in Somuncu Baba’s bakery.

Somuncu Baba kidnaps Ayşe Hatun and Molla Numan from Ankara.

When Numan eventually arrived to the mansion of Mevlüt Bey at a later time, he wasted little time in taking cover inside the building.

In the midst of all of these events, Numan is working to put together the pieces necessary to clear his good reputation.

On the other hand, Sheikh Murat and his men follow Numan’s orders to the letter.


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Hacı Bayram Veli Episode 8 English Subtitle
Apr. 01, 2022