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Mavera Episode 5 English Subtitle

Mavera Episode 5 English Subtitle Osman Online In the fifth episode of ‘Destan’, Akkız realizes who the Double-Headed Wolf she swore to be her claw when she was younger. He kneels and shouts in front of Batuga and greets him as the inn that will unite the Mountain and the Sky. Akkız not only found the purpose of her life, but also caught a clue that Batuga’s mother was innocent.

Batuga and Akkız pursue this trail together in Mavera Episode 5 English Subtitle Osman Online. Akkız manages to attract the attention of Alpagu Han and meet him with a game by Batuga, but she must leave the palace and reach Çolpan Han in order to prove that Talsim Hatun is innocent. Attempting to kill Alpagu Khan in his room in the palace exposes Akkız to death. And just when he found the purpose of his life.

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Mavera Episode 5 English Subtitle
Apr. 16, 2021