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Victorious Mehmets Episode 19 English

Commander Sefik’s huge error in Victorious Mehmets Episode 19 English on Osman Online and KayiFamilyTV.

The highly significant intelligence that Skopje had obtained by infiltrating the British headquarters was acknowledged and recognised by Sefik.

However, Efik, who hears of Cox’s plot and has a change of heart after hearing about it, guides the troops into the trap in Victorious Mehmets Episode 19 English on Osman Online.

Cox was successful in luring the Osmanck Battalion into a trap that he had set up before and catching them off guard. The question now is, how will this trap work out?

“Skopje has won the battle for the refinery”

Skopje launches an assault on the helpless Abadan Oil Refinery with a limited amount of men, completely oblivious to the fact that Sefik is cornered.

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Its purpose is to provide gasoline for the Ottoman army while also preventing the refinery from falling into the hands of the British.

However, the troubling information that he will obtain at the very last second will completely turn everything on its head.

The city of Skopje must make some extremely significant and maybe irrevocable choices.

The ties are beginning to loosen. in Victorious Mehmets Episode 19 English on Osman Online.

The city of Kut is about to experience a level of suffering that it has never felt before. The metropolis is merely at the beginning of its downward spiral into darkness.

Despite this, there is still cause for optimism. a hope that leads to one’s own sacrifice.


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Victorious Mehmets Episode 19 English
Jun. 07, 2018