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Victorious Mehmets Episode 26 English

The test with wires conducted by Turkish military in Victorious Mehmets Episode 26 English on Osman Online.
As a result of Halil Colonel’s refusal to pay attention to his instructions, Nurettin Bey is put in the position of having to make a hasty choice.

It is Nurettin Bey’s intention to launch an immediate assault on the city of Kut. Preparations are made.

However, there are wires that are keeping the city safe, and in order to break these wires, you will need wire scissors in Victorious Mehmets Episode 26 English on Osman Online.

Mehmet, who is in touch with Hamilton through a covert spy, has the goal of causing disruption to the wire barrier in order to impede the movement of Turkish forces.

Will Mehmet be successful in carrying out this dastardly scheme?
Skopje’s choice

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Skopje is looking for methods to put out the blaze that Fatma has kept burning inside of her.

Now, the only thing that she cares about is the nation she was born in, and she will not give up until she has driven the British out of the city of Kut.

Yakup is the one who delivers the word that an offensive operation is being carried out by the Turkish army.

Will he be successful in rescuing the Turkish troops who are in Skopje and who are aware that this is a monumental act of suicide?
The New Obligation for Hamilton in Victorious Mehmets Episode 26 English on Osman Online.
Hamilton is charged with the responsibility of defending the city from the general.

Hamilton, who will lead his troops into battle, will show no mercy and will do everything that is in his power to ensure victory.


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Victorious Mehmets Episode 26 English
Dec. 11, 2018