Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles

Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles

Dec. 11, 2014
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Seasons and episodes

5Season 5 Nov. 07, 2018
4Season 4 Oct. 25, 2017
3Season 3 Oct. 26, 2016
2Season 2 Mar. 23, 2016
1Season 1 Dec. 11, 2014

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The Turkish fantasy and adventure television series Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles is created by Mehmet Bozda for TRT and stars Engin Altan Düzyatan as Ertugrul Bey. The drama is set in the 13th century and is based on the life of Ertugrul, the father of Osman I, the Ottoman Empire’s founder.

Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles Series was filmed in Riva, a town in Istanbul’s Beykoz district, and broadcast on TRT 1 in Turkey on December 10, 2014. The programme ran for five seasons before being cancelled on May 29, 2019. Metin Günay directed the film, which was scripted by Mehmet Bozda.

Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles

The programme has been highly accepted in other countries such as Pakistan and Azerbaijan, while numerous Arab nations have banned it and fatwas have been issued against it. The programme has also been chastised for allegedly harbouring a political agenda for the Turkish government.

Storyline of Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles

Ertrugrul was a Turkic Muslim wanderer legionnaire from Central Asia in the 13th century. Ertrugrul’s lineage, like other Turkic families, was driven west by the Mongols, who were surrounded by the Mongols to the east and the Zealots and Byzantines to the west. The Turkmen of Ertrugrul fought for a homeland, which Ertrugrul’s son Osman created as the Ottoman Empire. The Ertrugrul TV magazine tries to depict a graphical idea of a 13th-century Turkik Asian population and Muslim culture.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1 English Subtitles

Also see Diriliş Ertugrul (season 1).
Süleyman Ah, Bey of the Kayi, sends his son, Ertugrul in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, to beg the Emir of Aleppo for land. After freeing ehzade Numan, Halime Sultan, and ehzade Yiit from the snake in the Emir’s palace, the Kayi are placed in a series of troubles with the Templars, Nasir, who works for the Templars but is subsequently slain by Ertugrul, and the truth is revealed to the Emir.

Kurdolu Bey, Süleyman ah’s consanguineous family, wants his family’s Beylik with the assistance of Selcan Hatun, Ertugrul’s espoused family, and his family-in-law, who seeks revenge from Süleyman ah for the murder of her unfaithful father, Alptekin Bey. Ertugrul, who adores Halime, marries her after much struggle.

Gündodu, Selcan’s husband, becomes enraged at Ertugrul’s behaviour but eventually calms down and supports his family in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles. Kurdolu is guillotined at the conclusion of the season, Ertugrul fights the Templars and takes their citadel, and Selcan repents. This is followed by the death of Süleyman Ah and the relocation of the bloodline to Erzurum as part of Ah’s will before he died.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 2

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 2 English Subtitles

The primary composition Diriliş Ertugrul is a Turkish writer (season 2)
As the Mongols, headed by Baycu Noyan, murdered half their bloodline, the Kayi sought refuge with the Dodurga at Erzurum. This brings Ertugrul face to face with Tutekin, his kinsman who is envious of him, as well as Gündodu, who has been deceived by the enormous problem in the Dodurga; Aytolun and her family in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, Gümüştekin.

Aytolun married Tutekin’s father, Korkut Bey, so that after murdering Korkut, she could assist Gümüştekin in becoming the margrave of all Turkmen lines with the support of Emir Sadettin. Only Selcan is concerned about the situation and continuously tries to counsel Gündodu, who dismisses her for her historical mistakes. Along with these plans, Kocabaş, Tutekin’s friend and a Baycu Noyan employee, turns Tutekin against Ertugrul, worsening their relationship; however, he is subsequently slain by Ertugrul, and his ties with Tutekin progressively improve.

When Selcan’s statements are taken seriously in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, Aytolun and Gümüştekin are slain, and Korkut is killed. After Tutekin’s death, Noyan is supposedly slain by Ertugrul, and the lineage is resolved as 1000 going to Ahlat with Gündodu and 400 migrating to Western Anatolia with Ertugrul.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 3

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 3 English Subtitles

Also see Diriliş Ertugrul (season 3).
Ural of the wealthy avdar businessmen faces the inexperienced Kayis.
Despite the fact that Ural is not the bey of his lineage, he desires more and more authority, becoming envious of the Kayi anytime anything good occurs to the little family. Meanwhile, the Templars who have invaded Hanl Pazar, commanded by Hanc Simon, are attempting to murder Ertugrul, as he has many times before in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles.

Ertugrul overcomes Hanc Simon and conquers Hanl Pazar, making Ural even more envious. Ural is sentenced to death after being charged of murdering the Tekfur of Karacahisar, Andros, and creating issues for the Kayi, but he is spared by the cunning Emir Sadettin. After the murders of Candar, the avdar Bey, and Ural’s father, Ural seeks assistance from the new Tekfur of Karacahisar, Vasilius, who wishes to liberate the region from the Turks but is assassinated by Ertugrul in an effort to become the avdar Bey.

Vasilius fails in his effort to ambush the Selçuk Sultan and is murdered by Ertugrul. As a result, the Sultan elevates Ertugrul to the position of Uç Bey, which irritates Emir Sadettin in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, who pledges to depose Ertugrul. Towards the conclusion of the season, Ertugrul is ambushed by Ares, the new Tekfur of Karacahisar.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 4

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 4 English Subtitles

Also see Diriliş Ertugrul (season 4).
Ertugrul is said to be dead, despite the fact that he was taken by slave traders. Meanwhile, Emir Sadettin persuades Dündar, Ertugrul’s family, and the new Kayi Bey to deal with Hanl Pazar and return to Gündodu’s lineage, but is thwarted when Ertugrul returns and is exiled. Ertugrul launches war on Karacahisar when his son, Gündüz, is kidnapped in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, and is successful in capturing it.

After Ares’ prisoner, Ertugrul brings him to the Sultan and instructs him to disclose Sadettin Köpek’s mistakes to the Sultan. The scheme almost succeeds, but Köpek is rescued by the Sultan’s wife, Mahperi, which leads to an incident that converts Ares, who is subsequently slain by Noyan, to Islam. Shortly later, the Sultan is poisoned to death, and Köpek’s rise to prominence in the palace causes issues for the new Sultan, Gyaseddin. Gyaseddin assists Ertugrul, and Hüsamettin Karaca assists Hüsamettin Karaca in guillotineing Köpek.

Halime dies during parturition, giving birth to Ertugrul’s third and youngest son, the foreseen Osman in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles. After this, Ertugrul meets the reappearance of Noyan, but defeats him and his treacherous family, Alangoya, who attempted to assassinate Osman. Noyan prepares for a conflict known historically as the Battle of Köse Da, while the Kayi relocate to Söüt.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 5

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 5 English Subtitles

Also see Diriliş Ertugrul (season 5).
Ertugrul encounters various Mongol commanders, including Alncak and Subutai, as well as Beybolat, the Selçuk murder chief who works with the Mongols, after ten trips to Söüt, a Mongol-controlled Selçuk state.
Beybolat enters disguised as Albast after the death of his father, Umur Bey in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, Bey of the Umurolu dynasty, who was moved to become the new duty collector of Söüt.

Umur Bey was assassinated by Dragos, a disgraced Military commander masquerading as the Söüt Zangoç (transl. bellringer), who attempted to take over the city. Beybolat, who succeeds his father, and Dragos, who gains control of Lefke Castle after murdering the innocent Tekfur Yannis, cause Ertugrul various issues, including Beybolat’s temporary control over Söüt.

Beybolat’s family member lbilge is the only one who favours justice, and with her help, Ertugrul fights and kills both Beybolat and Dragos. After Beybolat’s murder, Ertugrul is pitted against Berke in Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles, Ertugrul’s supporter and the Han of the Golden Horde, as well as Arikbuka, a stressed Mongol asset and Alncak’s blood kin, as well as the asset Qiyat, who works for Hulagu. The season finishes with the deaths of Arikbuka and Qiyat, as well as Ertugrul’s marriage to lbilge Hatun.

Kuruluş Osman
Kuruluş Osman is the main composer

Kuruluş Osman follows Ertugrul to Konya and Dündar’s return to the bloodline as the next character in the narrative. The new series, which premiered in November 2019, centres on Ertugrul’s son, Osman Bey, and is inspired by Osman I, the creator of the Ottoman Empire. It now has two seasons and is still running in 2021.





Resurrection Ertugrul English Subtitles
Original title Diriliş: Ertuğrul
TMDb Rating 7.5 82 votes
First air date Dec. 11, 2014
Last air date May. 22, 2019
Seasons 5
Episodes 150
Average Duration 120 minutes

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