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Destan Episode 10 English Subtitle

Death infuriates Akkz to no end in Destan Episode 10 English Subtitle on Osman Online. Varg Beg, who previously worked with China to snare Talsim Hatun and successfully constructed a trap for him, has now been successful in snagging Akkz. The only way to save Akkz’s life is for Batuga to carry him on his back after he was bitten by a snake.

However, Colpan Khan does not consent to Akkz receiving treatment there. Saltuk’s relationships are strained as a result of Cholpan Khan’s callous behavior because of how he treats Saltuk.

a threat much bigger than that posed by China.

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Taizu, who had previously given Balamir to Cholpan Khan and taken Tutkun, now goes one step further and kidnaps Batuga in order to conceal his previous deceptions.

Batuga’s absence has driven Alpagu Khan insane, and Temur’s insurrection has rocked him to his core. When he witnesses the carnage that Cholpan Khan and Balamir have planned, it infuriates him, and he gets outraged.

The situation in Batuga is dire in Destan Episode 10 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

On the other side, Akkz and Batuga are put to the test not only by the sentiments that they have only just started to admit to themselves, but also by their yearning.

To find out how intelligent Batuga is, Taizu puts him through a lot of pain. However, Akkz, who has traveled all the way here to help Batuga, is in grave danger, even from China.


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Destan Episode 10 English Subtitle
Feb. 08, 2022