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Destan Episode 13 English Subtitle

Will Batuga finally fall victim to the bowstring that he once narrowly evaded as a child? in Destan Episode 13 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Batuga will not go away by herself despite Temur and Saltuk’s best attempts to persuade her.

They are obligated to either remain alive together or perish together since Batuga will not desert Akkz in the dungeon.

Batuga is also responsible for determining whether or not his father would choose paternity or the Khaganate this time. Even optimistic.

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The expectations that Batuga and Akkz had were dashed to pieces.

Even though they presented a very compelling case throughout the trial, Alpagu Khan ultimately decided to side with custom rather than with his son.

Will Batuga finally be felled by the bowstring he used to flee as a kid, or is it not that simple to take the life of a Han son born with blood on his palm?


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Destan Episode 13 English Subtitle
Mar. 01, 2022