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Destan Episode 6 English Subtitle

Akkz is in a confined space in Destan Episode 6 English Subtitle on Osman Online. Balamir, who in the sixth episode of “The Epic” captures the Muslim Arab child who is aware that Akkz is a claw, discloses the youngster at Batuga and Krcicek’s engagement party and lets all of the invited gentlemen know that Alpagu Khan hanged the incorrect criminal on the pole.

The action made by Balamir results in Alpagu Khan losing his throne and Akkz passing away.

Batuga represses his anguish deep inside his own heart.

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A highly astute plan is made by Alpagu to ensure that he retains his throne, but Akkz is forced to make his way out of the hidden route that Batuga has opened up to Yaman.

Both Akkz and Batuga, who together make up one whole destiny, find themselves pulled in opposite directions.

Batuga strives to rescue the Muslim youngster by competing against Kaya’s mindgame on his own as he tries to bury the grief that he feels deep inside his heart.

After all, Akkz is really Gok, and everyone, even Batuga, is caught off guard by his action.


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Destan Episode 6 English Subtitle
Dec. 28, 2021