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Destan Episode 7 English Subtitle

Akkz makes his way back to the palace after learning in Destan Episode 7 English Subtitle on Osman Online that Balamir would cause bloodshed and place the blame on Claw.

In order to treat Alpagu Han’s injury, he took Kün Ata along with him. You and the other prisoner are in Olpah Hatun’s custody, and he has two trump cards that he may play in return for his own life.

Alpagu Han is so eager to get back his boys that he even wants to put on his armor, even though he is well aware that doing so would result in Akkz’s death.

Colpan Khan ushers in a new era in Da-Gok relations when he negotiates a ransom with Alpagu Khan for the kidnapped tigers.

However, the conditions of the arrangement are devastating for both Temur and Günseli.

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Temur makes an attempt to set fire to the ships. The Gok Khanate is in a precarious position as a result of Günseli receiving an unexpected offer of assistance from a third party.

During this process, when they are exposed to frightening information, Akkz and Batuga form a strong relationship with one another.

Batuga and Akkz hatch a plot to catch Balamir in the act of stealing while Batuga is busy trying to rescue Akkz’s life in Destan Episode 7 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

However, Balamir came through in a major way this time, and the strategy that will bring about a sea shift in everyone’s life is going according to plan.


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Destan Episode 7 English Subtitle
Jan. 18, 2022