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Destan Episode 27 English Subtitle

Akkz and Batuga’s wedding party

Akkz and Batuga, who were announced to one other by wearing a belt around their waists by Esrigün Kam, kept this joyful news a secret for some time because of the cepir sickness that was spreading throughout the palace.

Following Alpagu Khan and the Tegins’ successful recuperation, Ulu Kam Arcuray informed the Gok Saray of this news, therefore highlighting the fact that the news is positive.

The message of the gospel was welcomed with open arms by Alpagu Khan and the palace. However, the couple that was in love said that they could not have a wedding since Turkish territory was being occupied by the Itbaraks at the time. Following their success in the battle against the Itbaraks, Akkz and Batuga, the two heroes of epic love, are celebrated with a wedding feast.

After the wedding party, what does the future hold for Akkz and Batuga, who have fallen in love in the ring of fire?

Will it be possible for the Gok Khanate to wipe the Itbaraks from the annals of history?

In the great conflict that broke out when the Turks and Itbaraks confronted one another close to the Gok Orda, the Turks were able to secure a decisive victory for themselves.

During the combat, Obar and Itbarak came to the conclusion that the naves were phoney. As a result, they suffered a defeat and were forced to retire.

Before the Gok Khanate could truly feel the thrill of victory, they were informed that the Itbaraks had arrived in the Western Sky Lands in droves.

This news came before they could properly celebrate their win.

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Who will come out on top in the battle that has lasted for thousands of years and has been fought between the Turkish Army and the Itbaraks?

Will the Gok Khans be able to save Western Gok at the conclusion of the fight where all options are on the table? Will they be able to eliminate the references from the historical record? Or will they too suffer the loss of the Sky Horde?

The case of Ulu Ece Ulu is now being heard by the judicial system.

Vera Ruslarla yapmş ve Gok Orda’ya neft destei yaplmasn salamşt.

This iş birlii comprises of Alpagu Han, Vera’s hala şüphe duysa, and Vera’s yeniden Ulu Ece konumuna kavuşmuştu.

stünü ortmeye başaran Ulu Ece, kendisini bekleyen Ulu Yarg da üzerindeki suclamalardan kalc olarak kurtulabilmek icin hangi admlar atacak?

Is ittifak edecek kimlerle?

Can Ulu Ece and Ulu Yargda bedelini odeyip cezasn cekecek mi?

Yeni hamleleri Mei Jin’in

Mei Jin’s kendisini evdeşi olarak gormeyeceinden emin olan Temur’un kendisini evdeşi olarak gormeyeceinden emin olan Gok Orda’ya karş oyun kurarak, Obar’a neftlerin yerini haber vermişti.

The karş yapt ihaneti inkar etmesine ramen inandrc olmad icin, Zhao devreye girmiş, and Mei Jin’s hayatn kurtarmak icin sucu kendi üzerine almşt.

Mei Jin, kendisine karş devam eden şüpheleri karşsnda nasl hamle yapacak, Alpagu ve Temur’un kendisine karş devam eden şüpheleri karşsnda nasl hamle yapacak?

What are some of the key differences between Alpagu’s gazabndan kendisini and Temur’s?

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Ikna edip gonlünü kazanabilmek mi, Temur’u?

How does kendini affetirebilecek mi?

In order to combat the Itbaraks, Alpagu had extended an invitation to all of the Turkish princes to join forces.

Kaya had travelled to meet with the Turkish Principalities, who were filled to the brim with wrath, in the hopes of regaining the faith of his father, Alpagu.

Due to the efforts of Günseli’s father, zmen Bey, Kaya had to put his life in danger in order to win the allegiance of the princes.

What will become of Kaya, who not only prevented Alpagu from being killed during the conflict but also played a significant role in the victory of the gentlemen by supplying them with support?

Will Kaya’s destiny be determined by the charges that came before it or by the triumphs that followed?


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Destan Episode 27 English Subtitle
Jun. 14, 2022