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Destan Episode 20 English Subtitle

Because to Akkz’s action, Ulu Ece is in a bind in Destan Episode 20 English Subtitle on Osman Online. Alpagu Khan inquires about the circumstances surrounding the removal of the ring that Temur wore at the time of his birth from Varg Beg.

Has Ulu Ece reached the finish line of this journey? Akkz, who relocated to Ulu Ece, accompanied Kaya and Temur to the Western Gok Khanate when they left the Eastern Gok Khanate. Will Akkz and Temur be successful in coercing a confession out of Kaya about everything?

Will Mejin be able to eliminate all of her opponents in a single match? in Destan Episode 20 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Mei Jin, who is convinced when Kaya accuses them since he is the one who rescued Batuga and buried it in a hole on the instruction of his emperor father so that the mountain raid would not be put on them, says the following: Ulu Ece and Kaya were the ones who carried out the mountain raid.

He now moves on to the next stage of his plan and reveals to Kaya in confidence the location of the room where he is keeping Batuga. Immediately after that, he dispatches Alpagu Khan to that location. His game predicts that Kaya will be the one to take out Batuga, and Alpagu will watch as one of his sons takes out the other of his sons. Will Mei Jin’s game turn out to be a winner?

The nefarious scheme that Cholpan and Balamir have hatched!

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Colpan, whose fixation caused him to be shattered by the great massacre, makes a promise to leave the streets of Gok as empty as the streets of Da, and he and Balamir go to Gok Orda.

Their nefarious scheme is one that has the potential to bring down not just the Sky Palace but also the Gok Khanate, but when they execute it, they discover Saltuk standing in their way.

Despite the love he has for Saltuk olpan, will he be able to expose this plan?

Alpagu Khan’s significant move in Destan Episode 20 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

While everyone else is attempting to exert influence on Alpagu Khan, Alpagu Khan himself makes a significant move.

What kind of impact will this step, which will require everyone to make a very difficult choice, have on the future of the nation and on families?


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Destan Episode 20 English Subtitle
Apr. 19, 2022