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Destan Episode 23 English Subtitle

Who will emerge victorious: Batuga or Obar? in Destan Episode 23 English Subtitle on Osman Online. Batuga surprised everyone by making an attempt to murder Obar, demonstrating the might of the Turk even though he was being held captive.

Who will emerge victorious, Batuga or Obar, as a consequence of this move?

The Itbaraks’ current focus of attention

In order to get vengeance for their forefathers, the Itbaraks reemerged centuries later and waged war against the Gok Khanate, which they ultimately destroyed.

Who or what will be the next victim of the Itbaraks, whose viciousness is matched only by their desire of exacting revenge?

A love that is threatened by passing away in Destan Episode 23 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

A far larger threat is waiting for Akkz, who has been running from one peril to the next in order to rescue Batuga.

What sort of a conclusion will be reached for Akkz and Batuga, who will be caught in the never-ending cycle of love and death? Will love or death emerge victorious?

Conflict Between the Khans

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Obar, seeking vengeance for his forefathers by attacking the Gok Khanate, had succeeded in capturing Alpagu Khan.

When Alpagu and Obar finally do meet, hundreds of years after Oguz Khan and Barak Khan did so on the battlefield, under what circumstances will they do so this time?

Will the same result occur as in previous occurrences, or will it be different this time?

The battle that Kaya fought to claim the crown in Destan Episode 23 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Using the threat posed by the Itbaraks as an opportunity, Kaya not only seized the throne for himself but also devised a plan to prevent Alpagu Khan from ever returning to the palace again.

Will Kaya be able to achieve her goals with these strategies? Will Kaya, who struck a deal with the antagonists, be able to win over the support of his own country?

Ulu Ece’s retaliation manoeuvres

Ulu Ece, who was stripped of her crown as a result of Kaya and Yibek’s treachery, will not accept her current circumstances and will begin plotting her vengeance.

Who among them will feel the full force of Ulu Ece’s vengeance? in Destan Episode 23 English Subtitle on Osman Online.


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Destan Episode 23 English Subtitle
May. 17, 2022