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Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle

Han’s quest for survival in Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle on Osman Online. Ulu Kam Archuray tries all in his power to help Alpagu Han, Temur, and Kaya recover from the effects of the cepir poisoning they suffered.

However, if they do not get the resin, they will not recover. How are Alpagu Khan and Tegins, who just gave a goodbye speech with their kids, going to get out of this predicament?

Obar Competes Against the Double-Headed Wolf in Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

On their deathbeds, Obar’s victims Alpagu and Tegins, who were poisoned with cepir, are ready to shut their eyes for the last time.

Akkz and Batuga came upon Obar and the Itbaraks while they were racing towards the Sky Palace in order to grow the antidote resin.

Obar and the Itbaraks had just discovered that the crown had been broken. How will the horseback combat between Batuga and Akkz fair against Obar, who has vowed revenge this time? What decision will need to be made between Akkz and Batuga putting their lives in danger or bringing the resin level up in the Gok Saray?

In the midst of the conflict, lovers

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When they came across the chepir sickness, Akkz and Batuga were on their way to the Gok Saray to deliver tibu. They were joined by Esrigün Kam with a belt.

Before the lovers could ever know what it was like to be happy together, they found themselves in the thick of a fresh conflict.

The lovers are the spirit and the heart of the double-headed wolf. What does the ring of fire have in store for this love?

Attention every itbarak there is on the earth! in Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Obar, who had gone to Esrigün Kam’s tent in order to steal Barak Han’s crown with the news of the Russian envoy, vowed vengeance vehemently when he found that Esrigün Kam had destroyed the crown.

Obar had gone to Esrigün Kam’s tent in order to take Barak Han’s crown.

who had sworn to wipe out every single Turk along with the destruction of the throne, issued a summons to all of the Itbaraks around the world to wage war against the Turks in order to exact his retribution. Who knows what will come of the conflict between the Gok Khanate and the Itbaraks, who have invaded from every direction.

Will the same mistakes be made again, or will history be rewritten?

Mei Jin’s intersection of paths in Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

When Temur visited Mei Jin in the hospital and used the word “passionate” to describe her, it shattered Mei Jin’s heart since she had been in love with Temur ever since the day she believed she had lost him.

Mei Jin, whose pride was broken after she was unable to restore her love despite her best efforts, would she continue to strive to recapture Temur’s affection or will she seek vengeance?

The challenge of love for Kaya

What will happen in Destan Episode 26 English Osman Online

Günseli, who was devastated by the disgrace she experienced after Kaya forgave her, had promised Kaya that she would break up with him when she got better.

She told Kaya this while she was still experiencing the shame she felt after Kaya had forgiven her. What is Kaya going to do to keep herself from giving in to the surprising proposition that her roommate Günseli has made? Will Günseli, who was left heartbroken by her love and embarrassed by the situation, be able to stick by the choice she made?

Gypsum disguising himself as Sayina, the Princess in Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Obar was not only unsuccessful in obtaining the throne of Barak Khan, but he was also humiliated in front of the Itbaraks by Alchin when she was in character as Princess Sayina.

Alcin had surrounded Obar while dressed as Princess Sayina, suggesting that she was a descendent of Barak Khan and insinuating that she would launch a revolt against Obar.

In addition, Alcin had implied that she would start a rebellion against Obar. Will Alcin, the spy working for the Celestial Palace, turn all of the Itbaraks against Obar and remove him from his throne?


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Destan Episode 26 English Subtitle
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