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Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle

The hearts of Akkz and Batuga are joined together in Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle on Osman Online. Following Arcuray’s instructions, Batuga and Akkz set out to hand the crown over to Ulu Kam Esrigün so that it may be stored securely.

Akkz and Batuga, who were unexpectedly shouting for each other as they made their way to Esrigün Kam’s tent, quickly knotted a belt around their waists and informed Esrigün Kam of their intention to wed. What kind of repercussions would this brand new circumstance with our loves have in Gok Saray? Will the couple finally get to spend some time together?

The Itbarite’s Royal Game at the Palace in Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

The chambers of Alpagu Khan, Temur, and Kaya Tegins were filled with smoke after the Itbaraks had slipped into the Sky Palace, slain the Gokbens, and burnt the plants they had prepared.

Who knows what will happen to Alpagu Han, Temur, and Kaya now that they have been rendered unconscious by the smoke.

Will the successors of the Gok Khanate get away unscathed from this assassination attempt, or will they have to pay the price?

There is a threat to the Khanate’s bloodline.

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The Itbaraks, who were competing for Barak Khan’s crown in the palace, were successful in eliminating Alpagu Khan, Temur, and Kaya Tegins in their new game.

Alpagu Khan is in a difficult position since he must contend with the plague of the Itbaraks’ new pastime, which involves the use of chepir poison.

Either the Khan will hand the throne over to Obar in exchange for the lives of his offspring, or the Khan will sacrifice his own life as well as the lives of his sons in order to save the Turkish people. Will Akkz and Batuga’s strategy to put an end to the problems caused by the epidemic be successful in spite of this impasse?

The rage of Obar, who had been attacked in Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Batuga, whom Obar had set up and left to die, resurfaced as the Double-Headed Wolf, causing all Itbaraks to be frightened.

As if Obar’s loss of the crown in the ambush prepared for him wasn’t enough, Batuga, whom Obar had set up and left to die, reappeared as the monster.

But what are Obar’s new ambitions for the crown, and how will they affect it? Who was victorious in the conflict when Obar was injured by Batuga with a dagger?

The wolf with two heads represents the Turks’ best chance for survival in Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

The Kaya Tegins were rescued from the clutches of the Itbaraks by the Double-Headed Wolf Batuga, the resurrected Akkz, Alpagu Khan, and Temur.

What steps will be taken by Batuga, which Gok Tengri has proclaimed to be the Gok Khanate, to live up to those expectations?

The new manoeuvres of Ulu Ece

Will Batuga, who has been deemed to be the Tegin, unify the Turks, return the Gok Horda to the authority it once had, and wrest control of the Western Sky from the Itbaraks?

Ulu Ece, who had previously threatened Günseli with her life, got a reaction from Günseli that she wasn’t expecting, and as a result, she ended herself in jail.

What are the next steps that will be taken by Ulu Ece, who was able to get out of the dungeon thanks to Alpagu Han’s collaboration offer? In the palace, will familiar allegiances be strengthened or will new rivalries emerge?

Cholpan Khan wants retribution in Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

As the Itbaraks made their way inside the Sky Palace, they came into conflict with Saltuk and Olpan.

Yasavul Saltuk, a member of the Sky Horde, has been fatally wounded by a back shot from an Itbarak.

How can Olpan Han exact his vengeance on the Itbaraks, the family responsible for the death of Saltuk, the woman he loved but was unable to meet?

Mei Jin is risking her life for her love in Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Akkz was rescued because Mei Jin, who has had love sentiments for her ever since she heard the news that her husband Temur had passed away, collaborated with her and helped her.

Will Mei Jin, who was a crucial player in the plan to set up an ambush to gain Temur’s love in Obar, still be able to earn Temur’s love now that she knows he is still alive? Will this couple’s marriage continue to be a political marriage, or will it eventually become a home for them both?


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Destan Episode 25 English Subtitle
May. 31, 2022